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We care very much about our mission of providing eco-sustainable solutions, now we will tell you why


LG in its Sustainability Report 2020-2021 has calculated the carbon emissions in the life cycle of traditional displays.

As we can see, the energy consumed while using the display represents 82.47% of emissions. What does this mean?

That in the digital signage market, if we want to commit ourselves to being as sustainable as possible, we must optimize the use we make of the screens we own.


In the field of traditional displays this means optimizing the process of using the content according to the characteristics of the technology used.

For example using light sensors, using dark colors on LED screens, or designing content with reduced animations if we know it will play on an LCD panel.
We have decided to focus on a technology that's green since its conception and unfortunately used very little for digital signage, which brings that 82.47% we were talking about to zero.


Now you can really replace paper: with a single charge our products provide an autonomy of weeks if not months, this allows you to no longer have limits on how far you can be from an energy source.

This translates into a portability and versatility never seen before, with the possibility of going beyond the limits that traditional technologies impose on us in replacing paper and reducing its waste in as many areas as possible.


We believe in an increasingly interconnected future that can allow people to make decisions based on the most up-to-date information possible.
Thanks to our experience we will be able to choose with you the products and services that best suit your needs. Regardless of whether it is providing information inside a building, information on the passage of public transport to a platform or communicating dynamically with its employees, EKODOTS is ready to amaze you.

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