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EKODOTS è parte di Nebri-Tech,

da più di dieci anni accompagniamo i nostri clienti in ogni passo della realizzazione delle soluzioni che forniamo.

Semplificare la vita all'interno della tua realtà è nel nostro DNA.



Our offer is the result of careful research to guarantee a unique and renowned selection in the world of digital signage.


Our partnerships allow us to make more accessible to businesses the products with which we want to help you implement solutions that belong to a better future, today.

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EKODOTS is part of Nebri-Tech, for over ten years we have been support our customers in every step of the realization of the solutions that we provide.
Simplifying life within your reality is in our DNA.

Thanks to our know-how we will be able to provide you a complete installation experience and ready for any kind of difficulty.

You can take a look at our success stories in the field of traditional digital signage: Moose KnucklesBtcinioCollins-Aerospace.



Leave to us the dirty work.

After installing the infrastructure necessary for the operation of our products, it will also be our task to customize it according to your needs and then configure it for the first time.

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The products are yours and to use them to their full potential it is necessary to know them inside out.

Often, however, this takes time. We want to reduce this time, so we will fully explain how to enjoy all the benefits of Sustainable Digital Signage right now.



Do you have any doubts regarding EKODOTS products?


We are here for this, a reality is not such if it is not constantly evolving and we want to accompany you on the path.

After-sales support is a fundamental part of our mission, we want to help you solve any type of problem in short time and make your experience with our Sustainable Digital Signage the most satisfying you have ever had.

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